Coming Eventually

Hi-Tech Hookup will one day be an exceptional place for everything consumer technology oriented. We're going to be a gamer lounge, computer shop, tech support connection, and even a computer and electronics training center! The only thing stopping us from opening our doors is we don't yet have any doors to open. So for now, Hi-Tech Hookup is a small team of highly experienced individuals that are available for all of your computer and electronics needs. We do custom computer builds, computer repairs, software installation, virus removal, remote troubleshooting, networking, home entertainment system setups, security camera setup, and even at home computer training and instruction.

Call Chris at (832) 496-0759 to set up an appointment for any services you need. You'll be pleased to see that our customer support is top notch and our prices are unbelievably affordable in comparison to the retail stores in the Charlotte area. Diagnostics are free, ALL services charge $50 per hour, but there are discounts offered for jobs requiring more than 2 hours. No charges associated with any individual services, no profit margin added into any parts, no extra fee's for driving to your house, nothing. Simple, effective, and quick. Think of it as hiring your own personal geek for the day to come by and fix all your problems at an hourly rate.

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